Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are incredible people who are willing to offer months of their time to work with those most in need in Goa. We don't believe in having fixed volunteering programmes to sign up to. We are a small organisation and we plan our placements individually to suit the volunteer and the local charity. We want to use your skills where they are most needed so we collaborate with several charities in Goa. Placements can involve work with children in care and orphans, care for the elderly, supporting environmental programmes and many more areas. Whatever your background, experience and interests, we are looking forward to talking with you about what you could bring to India. At present, our volunteers are working in three main centres but there are always more opportunities!


This inspiring home for orphan boys and children in care provides a warm and loving environment for some of those in greatest need here in Goa. Volunteers work alongside local staff and helpers to guide the children in their homework, lead games, sports and recreation time and be a listening ear for young people missing the security of normal family life.

Odxel School

Often migrant children living in temporary 'slum' accommodation in Goa struggle with access to the most basic education. The school at Odxel works mostly with primary age children to break the cycle of poverty and introduce them to the possibilities that education offers. Volunteers work with local teachers and help with small groups of children, often assisting with English language studies and basic maths.

Cortalim Farmstay

The newest of the projects we support in Goa, the farm at Cortalim is a large area of hillside with wonderful river views that we are slowly developing into a working farm and camp. This will generate stable income for other charity projects across Goa while being an excellent base for apprenticeships for some of the young people from the schools and homes that we support. Volunteers here will be involved in practical work, bringing the land into cultivation and developing the site for tourists.